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Lovers’ Plight or Delight?

Posted by Mrityunjay on May 28, 2009

Bandstand Well, quite a gap it was, no?! 7 days have passed since I last posted. But then, thanks to my whirlwind trip finally I feel like writing again. They say, nothing teaches you more and better than traveling. I have managed to criss-cross almost 6000 Kms in a span of 10 days. Whoa! Nothing could better that experience. It also tells me how much I enjoy traveling (especially when it’s out of the state). So, after making myself thoroughly familiar with different regions of Maharashtra, finally I landed at famous lovers joint; bandstand (Bandra) with my close ones!

 This place is famous for Shahrukh Khan’s Bungalow (that’s hardly of any interest to me), a 5-star hotel and more so as a meeting point of lovers. Bandstand had its fair share of controversies because of this particular thing. Residents living in close vicinity have often complained of couples indulging in indecent behavior. Expressions of love including cuddling, smooching and other not so commonly expressed gestures in public are a common sight at this wonderful spot. The morale brigade has often made a big issue out of simple expressions of love. Police has done its part as well and that includes cracking down on these couples, harassing them, calling their parents and insulting them and what not
Well, I don’t feel so good about how everyone keeps creating issues of a thing as simple as this. So why, couples still prefer to indulge in their fantasies at bandstand despite all the troubles faced by them? But before that, one must know that Mumbai is not a place for claustrophobic people. People here are used to living in bird-cages. There are no separate places for couples. Not everyone can afford to purchase movie tickets + popcorns + coke in a high-end multiplex to unleash his/her wild side. Well, many couples prefer to do all they want in the dark ambience of back row seats. How do I know? Did you really ask, how do I know? Come on!! 😉
 Sorry to Intrude In Ur Privacy! ;)Absence of isolated places coupled with small houses leave couples no choice. Add to that wonderful feel of beach side and stimulating sound of waves and you get perfect atmosphere to strut your naughty side. I feel bad for these couples and at the same time I feel like standing for their cause. People should understand the plight of love birds. And if they can’t keep themselves away from protesting under the shadow of moral façade then at least they can close their eyes! Protestors’, particularly old people should remember how they could never muster the courage of such open display of affection and passion in their youths! Have some mercy folks!

 PS:- I tried taking few pics of the place but sadly enough the quality is far from satisfactory. Yet, I will post few of them for your viewing.


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3 Responses to “Lovers’ Plight or Delight?”

  1. Pankti said

    Its true…indeed a lover’s plight and the spectator’s delight/plight. i guess individual’s subjective point of view on how comfortable you are with PDA and even how comfortable you are watching it! And some of us do have double standards here: we can easily watch a smooching scene in films and not be embarrassed but if that happens on bandstand then people have a problem!

  2. Nazi said

    ahhhh where is this bandstand..cant wait to get there:D

  3. prash said

    its true where should d couples go to spend quality tm with empty pockets,but there also some disgusting people come who just wanna c how r d couples share their luv.
    there must b some more places like bandstand as d no. of young lovers r increasing day-by-day

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