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Birthday Celebration

Posted by Mrityunjay on April 7, 2009

It was A’s birthday on 7Th. So, me, S, P and A celebrated the day in our own mostly predictable way. Well, as usual the trend of gifting on someone’s birthday has long disappeared. And best part was it was a dry day so you know the kind of problems we were supposed to face. But thanks to birthday boy himself, we did manage to poison ourselves. Add to the problem, the religious notion attached with ‘Tuesday’ by so many of so called progressive youths of India. I wonder what’s wrong with people vowing not to have any non-veg items on Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday. As if God keeps his eyes shut on rest of the days when you munch on innocent but delicious meat of animals but on these particular days he suddenly opens up his eyes and asks you to refrain from such inhumane activities. Well, so much for religion and beliefs!


Presence of S just changes the entire atmosphere of the party. No doubt he is motor mouth but that, Infact adds to the overall ambience. And his culinary skills, well, what more can I say? He is a wonderful cook. He adds style, grace and enthusiasm to the whole cooking process. His prepared chicken item was a new thing to me and I totally relished it. Overall, with light music running in the background, dim lights and bursts of laughter, I could not have asked for more!


Happy Birthday darling! May you have every good thing in your lap. Yu have waited for far too long and yet you have continued to maintain the dignity without ever showcasing any signs of desperation and anxiety! I salute this quality of yours. Trust me; you are going to get your due in a big way! Amen! J

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