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Is Marriage The End of Romantic Love?

Posted by Mrityunjay on May 4, 2009


Love is an ever-changing concept. The dynamics changes so swiftly that it leaves you wondering about the longitivity of the concept. This eternal concept is especially put under the scanner after the marriage takes place. Do you still sweat profusely while going on a date with your better-half as you did few years back? Your hands still fidget nervously? Or do you still check your cell-phone for any ‘important’ sms or missed call? Find yourself looking dreamily at the speeding fan? Think of your beloved when it rains and you are standing all alone in your balcony?

So what happened? Romance frittered away from your life? Will quote something from “The Mirrors Has Two Faces” (of Barbara Streisand) – ‘illusions about love and the emphasis on sex keep people lonely. Love does not last long. They never tell us what happens after marriage, because there is no ‘after’. The be-all and end-all of romantic love is- marriage’! Dare to disagree? I am waiting for your profound logics!  

What happens later on is some perpetual cribbing about lovers turned husbands/wives! How hard I try to feel optimistic about the notion of marriage, I can not negate the fact that it does takes away the rush of adrenaline and thrills associated with romance. At the same time I will have to admit that despite the downsides, we continue dreaming, we continue loving and loved in return. That leaves me with another perspective that we still love or we are still loved but we are not in love. For each one of us, love is a different concept. For some, it’s a sharing-caring thing, for others it’s more like knowing in and out of other person right from his/her choice of undergarments to favorite soap! Few others will come up with things like, to be able to be myself and where we don’t need to pretend or act. Fine!

How would I define? Well, to be honest I am confused. But whatever little I know I can say that it’s more of combination of hundreds of happy moments shared together. Small things make a big difference in the final analysis. It builds up with time. Yes, romance and passion are integral parts of it but in the hindsight, there are merely phases. You grow out of that physical intimacy. It has been said that, love lasts forever but state of being in love does not last. It doesn’t because it cannot! Like everything else, romance also has an expiry date. But the understanding you share with the person, the bond you managed to create over the years will always be there with romance or without romance!

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