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Act of Making Love

Posted by Mrityunjay on April 4, 2009

I often wonder at varied facets of life and how different people react differently to it! Very few reactions made in context of fundamental things, are common in nature. Right from career, love, relationship, family, friends or even sex, we all have amazingly diverse notions. Let’s talk about the act of sex. That would be a slightly distasteful term so we will be focusing more on act of making love. Beautiful, isn’t it? How do we perceive the art of making love? For few, it’s just a let out medium! Let out for accumulated energy, let-out for pent up emotions, let-out for getting rid of unbearable fantasies or even a ritual that has to be performed in order to maintain tradition!

But as far as my understanding of this beautiful act goes, it is something that needs to be relished. It’s not a mechanical function that requires to be performed with precision or sophistication. Rather, this asks for combining together of all the five senses towards one single goal! In one particular religion, it has been said that when you reach the orgasm, in those few seconds you come in direct touch with supreme almighty. In those few seconds you don’t have any control over any of your senses. Perhaps, that is what termed as Ecstasy! Delirium!

But I have a doubt. How many of us are actually able to feel that supreme feeling? Or we are just too engrossed with perception of having to complete this beautiful act just the way one has to perform a task! I wouldn’t be surprised to know that few even go for this ritual just to finish a pending job and not as an act that needs to be relished and cherished! Yes, this is an entirely personal opinion but I felt like scribbling this!

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