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Art Vs Entertainment

Posted by Mrityunjay on December 23, 2011

Dabangg- 100 Crore plus. Ready- 100 Crore plus. Bodyguard-100 Crore plus. Singham- 100 crore plus. Yeah, we all know that oft-repeated piece of statistics. But does it convey any specific message? Or gives us a clue into movie-goers’ psyche? Does that redefine the way Bollywood movies are being made or will be made?

Yes, it does and many more. Let me list them:-

1) It is raining hits in Bollywood courtesy supremely glorified Heroes with bulging biceps and pampered pectorals. We are actually celebrating the re-arrival of 1980s where impregnable male protagonists are knocking the stuffing out of all competition. These Alpha-males with raging fire in their belly have succeeded in making ‘action’ as the flavor of the season.

2) Despite all the rumblings about how new-age filmmakers are trying to cater to so-called ‘mature’ audience that expects products with a difference, the truth lies in the fact that Indian viewers still prefer ‘masala’ films. Forget all that noise about emerging niche segments (read multiplex generation). We, the people still want our dose of action, emotion, drama and melodrama. Call it a sense of identification that average movie-goer associates with the Bollywood he has grown up with or increasing ire against the current political system, but this trend is here to continue.

3) Once upon a time, we used to look at south-Indian action flicks with considerable reservations as it did not match our class but now Bollywood can shamelessly copy/remake one southern blockbuster after another and set the cash registers ringing.

4) To the average Hindi movie watcher, the notion of Hero can do no wrong and it is he who always wins no matters what the odds are, still holds true. Screw the concept of realism.

5) The more they change, the more they remain the same. Whosoever said that, give him a hug on my behalf. Evolution can go backwards for Darwin’s sake. And that explains why we still love stereotypes. Whether it is an illiterate hawker or a sophisticated MBA professional working in a MNC, he will love Bajirao Singham equally.

Now, my personal ramblings-

Some of these blockbusters are actually so bad that your wife as well as you yourself can’t understand how you can bear to watch them. That these movies are so dumb, they’re actually hysterical. And yet we love them. Why? A mere flight of fantasy or a trip to escapism? If yes, why? Because we are so much disgusted with current system and its propagators/politicos that we will whistle for anyone who can beat these bad guys to pulp? Remember the excitement you felt when Mr. Singham and his esteemed colleagues thrashed the corrupt neta in a locked room. We so wish we could be there and do the same.

Most of us are pseudo-intellectuals who cannot really go ga-ga over for instance, something like a ‘Dhobi Ghaat’ because it’s a slice of life film that doesn’t rely on special effects, reminds us of struggle of everyday life and because it does not boast of chest-thumping villain or a one-man army hero or an actress who keeps threatening us with her bursting bust. It is so hard for us to accept that life is simply grey and not black and white as an average masala movie would have us believe. To me, movies are a significant medium of art. But powers-that-be are simply offering us crap entertainment. This might lead to eternal debate of Art Vs Entertainment and I know, people these days are just not looking for art. They want entertainment and I have no issues with them. But do you seriously think, likes of BajiRao Singham, Chulbul Pandey or a Lovely Singh can be bracketed under ‘entertainment’? Are we that screwed up in our lives that we will accept any garbage that film-makers are offering us under the garb of entertainment? But then, I should not really blame such intense movie-watchers who are brought up on Santa-Banta & Khuswant Singh jokes in the name of humurous literature!

Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty have repeatedly said, we are offering what audience wants. Yes, they are right. They are right about we people being so moronic with a poor taste. They are selling what audiences are lapping up with glee and excitement. If people are so much hailing the anti-establishment hero in 80s mould, shouldn’t they go back to watching movies like, ‘Paap ko jalakar raakh kar doonga’, ‘Kasam paida karne waale ki’, ‘Data’, ‘Mar mitenge’, ‘Loha’, ‘Ilaaka’, ‘Khoon bhari maang’, ‘Hukumat’ etc? After all, we are living on the nostalgia factor!

David Cronenberg once said, “Entertainment wants to give you what you want. Art wants to give you what you don’t know you want”. A fellow blogger says, “Entertainment is terrified of losing you, and is willing to change itself to be more to your taste. Art doesn’t give a f*ck whether it loses you — if you’re lost, that’s your problem. Entertainment condescends to what it perceives as your level. Art assumes you’re at a high level and wants to take you higher — it accentuates.” That explains everything, doesn’t it?

I am sick and tired of the cliché that people love such movies or David Dhawan’s movies simply because they want to escape from the brutal reality faced by them in their daily lives. If this is true then world deserves to be a cruel and barbaric place. I am not sure how many people actually agree with me on these false notions and eulogizing of ‘masala capers’ because in the end, audiences will say ‘it was paisa-vasool’, silly actors and directors are getting lots of new offers, multiplexes are happy about increasing footfalls and producers are laughing all the way to the bank.

As one guy would say “The bottom line with Bollywood movies as with Hollywood movies is MONEY. Audiences want and expect a certain formula, music, dancing, romance, barely clad women gyrating and a hero. I think the typical movie viewer wants to escape for a couple hours from their own life and watch a fantasy world unravel before them. Bollywood is working with bigger budgets, sets and technology now so it’s becoming more sophisticated according to the audiences tastes.”

By the way Oscar Wilde once said, “Yes, the public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius.”

I am ready to be stoned!

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Why Should You Watch a Movie Alone

Posted by Mrityunjay on August 12, 2010

Few months back, I got an opportunity to watch the monstrous hit of the century, “Avatar” in the theatre with 3 friends of mine. Yes, you can ask me about, was Avatar my last movie in a cinema hall? Yes, it was. Boggled? Okay, don’t be! I will tell my reason for why I did not watch any other movie in theater since then, later in the post. Now, coming back to my ‘Avatar’ experience, the film was of course as entertaining as movie critics, reviews and friends would have me believe but there were quite a few things that perturbed me during my movie experience.

First things first. If the movie was supposed to begin at 1.00 PM, it has to start at 1.20 PM simply because they will have us bombarded with cheesy adverts and hilarious trailers and of course, make us stand on our National Anthem. Yes, that’s the only time we are supposed to listen and respect the ‘Jana Gana Mana’ anthem. You are expected to be silent, attentive, tuned and respectful and if you are not, within few seconds, you will have to face unfriendly stares and you never know, someone might come over to you and brand you as anti-national or a terrorist.  Okay, last part might be an exaggeration but you get the idea what could happen over there.

Soon, the movie began but with that also began hell lot of munching, chatting and obscene comments. No, this is not a scene from a single screen theatre but of a popular multiplex where only affluent citizens and educated people are expected to shell out hefty money and enjoy the experience of watching a 3D movie. Errr..That’s just the beginning. Lights went off and here comes avalanche of fascinating comments from backseats.  “Do you think that can happen in real?” “That chick looks hot” “I have seen this movie” “Now, the next scene is this…that” “I have a date tonight”. Etc etc.

On one hand, you are trying to concentrate on the movie and dialogue but these ‘experts’ won’t let you do so. Once you get adjusted to their blabbering, you try to refocus on the movie and out of blue, you listen ‘Shakira Shakira, O baby when you dance like that..’. Avatar had ‘Hips don’t lie’ song? Nah, you are mistaken my friend. It’s a ring tone ringing at loudest possible voice. You turn back and try staring at the person carrying the mobile but you find him talking loudly on the phone and his fellow seat-mates have no objection to that! Wow, great beginning.

Okay, this too shall pass away, you repeat in your mind. A peaceful 10 minutes passes when you find yourself in the midst of a genuine anarchy when some little angel starts crying at high decibel. Screw Navi’s! Here is the one little sod who is needed to be teleported to the distant planet. You feel helpless and start praying for kid’s parents to shut the little devil’s mouth.

I will repeat again. Why the hell parents bring their infants to the theater? People are very annoying by nature but children…they are just…No, I love kids but never ever in theater. I assume myself to be a accepting and generous soul but in a theatre where you have gone for some real good experience after shelling out hefty sums on tickets, popcorns and whatever, I start feeling broken.

Constant chattering, ringing cell phones, turbulent kids totally ruin the experience of watching a movie. Personally, I would much rather prefer to watch a movie all alone so that I can breathe it, experience it, be the character, laugh and cry as well. A film demands to be seen closely. I would prefer to analyze it, study it and make my own judgment but it has become almost impossible to witness silent audiences in a packed cinema. Why would I discuss a movie while watching it? I would rather prefer to talk about it after 2-3 hours of rapt attention.

Insensitive banters of kids and adults in the theatre make you miss huge chunks of the film. And bantering is not the only thing here. You are also expected to handle encroachment of your personal space in forms of someone kicking you in the back of your seat, your neighbor forcing his/her wrists on the drinks holder or even someone yawning with his full might! Can you still claim to enjoy sitting at the cinema?

I know, my problems don’t concern you but of all you readers, even if one empathize with me, I will feel much better and liberated, perhaps. So what is the option? Either you go alone or you go when movie is no more the talk of the town or you just get a DVD, start your laptop, switch off your phone and just enjoy the solitude of the movie. Plus, if you are watching a movie weeks or months after its release, you are more likely to be not influenced by critics, newspaper ratings, reviews, friend’s opinions, forced hype, and uncomfortable buzz etc. Applying the logical side of the brain becomes much easier when the hype is dead.


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Fight Club

Posted by Mrityunjay on August 3, 2010

I was itching to write on David Fincher’s ‘Fight Club’ for a week or two. I had first watched this movie 7-8 years ago but my mind couldn’t really fathom the impact of the movie at that time. I watched it again few days back and I was totally bamboozled. This must be one of the most underrated movies of all time. Movie bombed at the box office and failed to win any Oscar. Fight Club had everything going about it; with Fincher of ‘Se7en’ & ’The Game’ fame at the helm, Brad Pitt in a scintillating role and Edward Norton in an ever effective role. This movie was frightening, self-contemplating, black comedy and not to forget an eclectic combination of male insecurity and kind of feminist.

Fight Club is a brutal satire that borders on overt display of aggression and confrontation with the system. The initial few scenes into the movie and you will be reminded of anti-consumerism rant of another masterpiece ‘Trainspotting’. It was definitely a risky venture and as someone said, it bites the hand that feeds it. The USP of the film is its vocal ranting against the status quo. In a way, Fight Club talks about materialistic people and the world that are too immersed in their worldly possessions. The protagonist Norton does a perfect job narration in a dead-pan tone topped by sardonic tirade against our consumer obsessed culture.

The director had deftly handled the multiple personality theme of Tyler (Pitt) and Jack (Norton). Even the character of Marla is so impactful. If Jack on one hand is totally submissive in nature accepting his destiny and a slave to his Ikea possessions then Tyler is everything that Jack ever wanted to be but couldn’t be because of his ‘too corrupted by the system’ existence. Very few movies have explored the concept of split personality with such precision. Both male characters are poles apart in their thought process and actions. If Jack is passively hateful then Tyler actively uses his hatred to express it. If jack is all about psychotic behavior and hoodlumism then Jack is shown as a weak and helpless soul who has nothing to help himself except for clandestine visits to self-help groups.

Fight Club is a psychological piece of brilliance. Every scene, frame demands your attention. For instance, Jack finds Marla too screwed up and can’t really imagine himself as her partner but his Tyler self keeps humping her in an animalistic fashion. In hindsight, it was the character of Marla who made Jack realize his masculinity but he just won’t admit it because his ego can’t accept this fact that someone as outcast, as psychotic as Marla can have a positive influence on him.  That acceptance will be a blow to Jack’s perceived personality of self.

Coming to the concept of Fight Club, for me that was more like a male bonding on gut physical fighting level. My interpretation tells me that male bonding takes a different angle when two adult males respect each other on the basis of their physical strengths and its outbursts. Call it ‘strength bonding’ that not only makes fearless, ideological males come together on a single platform but also weeds out the weak. This notion completely rubbishes the myth of ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.

Fight Club actually aims at defining the attributes of wimp and the stud. It is more like a stud never buying a diet coke or a wimp never opting for strong black coffee. That’s the idea of large corporations who make a killing in their balance sheet on such forced perceptions on consumers. Nobody actually defined that pink colored mobiles or laptops are only suitable for females. Is there a written rule about it or it is such a strong marketing gimmick that has made we consumers totally slave to manipulative rules of corporate behemoths! That’s what Fight Club forces you to think.

 Now if I think of ‘fighting’ as the cornerstone of the movie and the purpose behind it, I can only draw one conclusion- fighting is a release of anger. It is cathartic tool that you can also use as an intimidating factor. You can reclaim your lost/defeated ego with the help of buckles and knuckles. This is reminiscent of gladiatorial era when fighters used to showcase their murdering skills in colosseum amidst the packed crowd who never had enough of blood and gore. The fight was the prerogative of males and this gender still hasn’t been able to find a better reason to bond with one another. When the world is turning into skeletons of emasculated souls, what better way to provide an outlet to your steadily building rage than a full blown fight?

We ordinary mortals definitely identify ourselves with criminals and gangsters on metaphorical levels. If not, why would you want to watch Godfather and Good Fellas and would secretly pray Corleone Clan to win over the system? We love anti-heroes but in fight club the climax shows the entire farce to be a figment of a psycho’s imagination and that’s where people couldn’t identify with it and perhaps movie bombed because of that. The irony is most of us can’t even claim to have self-awareness or self-knowledge to know what the hell is going on. We just do it automatically but to satisfy the deeper recesses of our original but suppressed self we create different images of self and hide them from each other so that we can take guilty pleasure in having multiple talented personalities. But you know, I know, that is far from the truth. We are just trying to hide ourselves in different ways. It is more like a defense mechanism employed against our inherent weakness which makes us ramble, rant, complain, and whine!

I guess, I can go on and on about the movie and its impact and thousands of interpretations but let’s stop at it for a while. Finally, a word for two actors- Norton is as terrific and understated as he has always been. You got to owe it to the guy’s supreme talent.  For Brad Pitt, this must be one of his top three performances along with ‘Kalifornia’ and ‘Twelve Monkeys’.


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Raajneeti : The Palette of Filmy Politics

Posted by Mrityunjay on June 8, 2010

The name of Prakash Jha evokes respect and sensibility. Here was one director who was not afraid to take a stance on a hard-hitting issue. He had this knack of showcasing the dark underbelly of our society. Whether it was corruption, politics or business of kidnapping, Prakash Jha was somewhat of an expert in exploring dark subjects. Right from Damul, Mrityudand to Gangaajal or Apaharan, he amply demonstrated his mastery over radical and sensitive issues. But Raajneeti is more of a damp squib for me. Unlike his penchant for script, focal issues, pitch and characters, Raajneeti, his most ambitious project ever, tends to go wild in its theme. The movie is weighed down by the sheer weight of its over-indulgence and that’s where it disappoints.

Politics as a subject offers infinite possibilities for a filmmaker. It is a different issue that very few directors have the guts to delve deep into thousand of untold political tales. We have our restrictions in terms of political backlash, censor board, ministerial bigwigs and of courses, goons masquerading as moral custodians of our society. But when someone like Prakash Jha announces a movie on evergreen theme of Mahabharata, people tend to sit up and take notice of what he says and delivers. The ancient tale of Mahabharata is perhaps the best political thriller of all times. It has drama, emotions, romance, illicit relationships, intrigue, betrayal and power games. And that’s where ‘Raajneeti’ fails to deliver. In almost 3 hours it tries to incorporate and deliver too many things.

Director makes a further mess of a potentially explosive subject by completely veering off from the topic in the second half. From a political thriller, it merely becomes a revenge and gangster drama inspired from ‘Godfather’. Movie starts well but tends to deviate from the reality despite the claim of being a reflection of the modern times. The film is all about dynastic politics and refrains from touching crucial aspects like criminal-corporate-politicians nexus, vote bank politics, nepotism and caste factor in our system. Raajneeti claims to be inspired from Mahabharata but here again, what you get is half-baked characters. So our Krishna, Nana Patekar becomes more of a Shakuni, Yudhisthir (Arjun Rampal) is elder Corleone and Duryodhan (Manoj Bajpai) turns into a whiner and drinker.

Raajneeti has no rights or wrongs. Both sides are equally corrupt and power-hungry. It is not at all a realistic take on our political system. At best, the movie can be termed as a masala film inclusive of all the essential spices and curry to make it acceptable amongst the elites as well as masses. In a political drama, the speeches are perhaps the most important aspect but in this movie, you will be disappointed with how different characters have rendered their speeches. Mano Bajpai seems drunk and in the mould of a heart-broken poet reciting sher-o-shayari while asking for votes. Arjun Rampal, matter how hard he tries, he remains wood-faced. Coming to climax speech of Katrina Kaif (Priyanka Gandhi avatar), please spare us the agony. I would rather live under the illusion of her being an eternal glam-doll instead of facing the reality of her having no talent to speak proper Hindi and her inability of doing any justice to a role of substance.

Performance wise, Mr. Prakash Jha, what objective did you achieve by wasting astonishing talent of Naseeruddin Shah except making us aware of the fact that he can also perform lip-locks? He was on stage for 2 minutes and in that time, he showed us, had his character been properly developed, what values he would have added to the premise of the movie. Manoj Bajpai delivers after a long time in his author-backed role. It was wonderful to see him back. Nana Patekar fails to deliver. All he managed to do is to put a smile on his face during adverse situations and firing some useless dialogues from Bhagwad Gita during the climax. Ajay Devgan is an eclectic mix of angst and understated menace but somehow I get this feeling that his role demanded more screen presence. Arjun Rampal, umm….someone please send him to acting schools of Roshan Taneja or Barry Richards. Ranbir has kept evolving as an actor. He had the privilege of acting on a well written character and he does total justice to his role.  No, I am not going to talk about Katrina or any other female except Shruti Seth who does far more in a miniscule two minute role of a ticket-hungry damsel than what Katrina does in the entire movie.

At best, what you can do is to watch this movie once and forget it forever. You also have the choice of regretting over the fact that how a movie with immense potential in terms of content and presentation fails to its own ambiguity and ambitions.

Points to Ponder-

1)       Why such ridiculous climax? The main characters that until now were shown cunning and smart took guns in their hands to settle score?

2)       All three sex scenes in the movie results into pregnancy! Perhaps, the characters shown speaking English had never heard of ‘protection’ and all?!

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Avatar Phenomenon- Worth the Hype?

Posted by Mrityunjay on February 16, 2010

My guess is, almost all the entertainment magazines, websites and channels would have covered or rather exploited the ‘Avatar’ phenomenon to the hilt. It’s almost two months that the movie was released and the guys from Twentieth Century Fox must have gone laughing all the way to the banks. Even after two months along with all the exposure accorded to it, movie hasn’t stopped raking moolah for its team. Almost everyone with or without the knowledge of the ‘English’ language has seen the movie once and finds it almost bewitching and opulent.

Yes, it is a grand show of visual extravagance that has taken the concept of movie making to a new height altogether. The scale, never before seen graphics, 3D, budget and what not, Avatar has been a true phenomenon. Seems, all the hype concerning the movie was worth the wait. Avatar also marked return of hugely successful ‘James Cameron’ who was missing in Hollywood action after the previous all time grosser ‘Titanic’. In between, he was indulged in making some fascinating documentaries in collaboration with Nasa.

Having said all that, I still find movie nothing more than a visual treat. Though, I may sound stupid and people with better understanding of cinema might scoff at my naivety or so-called cynical attitude, I will prefer to stand by what I just said.

First thing first. James Cameroon was always a hugely successful director who paid his producers astonishing returns. Whether it was True Lies, Terminator or Titanic, all these movies did amazing business on the box office. But, yes there is a great but, He was never really known for making ‘path-breaking cinema’. Agreed, he had a niche segment and he is a master of making potboilers or should we say, ‘Popcorn flicks’, but that’s that. Tell me what other values his movies offered except excessive use of new technologies or for that matter, grand scales? He is master of epic movies but beyond that I will have to really scratch my head.

Avatar was a classic example of effective use of promotional strategies. Everything about it was so well documented, hyped and there was a shroud of mystery covering its making. Movie was promoted and hyped in such a way that, if you ask a cine-goer, did you watch ‘Avatar’ and if he hasn’t seen it yet, he would be almost embarrassed to confess it. Mass-marketing at its very best. It was a brutal but suave attack on human psychology. I have seen people telling me about watching ‘Avatar’ as if they belong to the first generation of movie lovers who are updated with latest of Hollywood.

Check the story line of the movie; boy meets girl, they fall in love and in comes haters of love and peace and ultimately after finishing up all the goons, they both live happily after. Innovative? Striking? Got a ketch up sauce of Brave heart, Pocahontas and Space marines. Any resonance of 999th time’s repetition of ecological balance, some Voo-doo kind of bizarre spirituality and importance of peace and love in the times of conflict?

Remember Titanic? A poor boy meets a rich girl and expectedly cupid strikes. Enters the evil fiancée and family members and boy finally had to sacrifice his life in order to save the girl. Impressed again? Nothing original in terms of story or the end of it. However, what was different was the ‘Ship’. I don’t remember seeing such a giant ship and the sadistically fascinating sinking of it. It was just Wow!

Honestly, I don’t think I am being a cynic here but all I am trying to say is, it wasn’t as great as it is made out to be. ‘Avatar’ must win all the awards in graphics/technology division but for God sake don’t insult Hurt Locker by awarding ‘Avatar’ the best movie and best director award. However, if entertainment is only criteria then it should win hands down else, so many nominations are just sufficient enough.

To end with, ‘Avatar’ might kick start a new chapter in movie-making. 3D was never used with such wonderful effect. I also loved the use of truly photo-real CG that was always promised by Hollywood but delivered only in Avatar. All in all, if you can leave your logics behind then take a bucket of popcorns and enjoy the grandest spectacle ever seen on 70mm.

P.S- By the way, I loved Pandora and Na’vi. I wish I could reside there, walk on those floating mountains and ride one of those seductive Inkaras! 😛

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Two Movies I Am Scared Of

Posted by Mrityunjay on July 28, 2009

I am dead tired of two big budget movies of recent times. Yes, they came back some six months back but they continue to haunt me or should I say, chase me wherever I go? Imagine, you going in a bus or trying to watch a movie with your family members on cable and these two movies keep coming to you with alarming frequency. Okay, one was a blockbuster and perhaps the second biggest hit of Hindi Cinema (what has happened to people’s taste? Thinking…) and another one proved to be a dud at box office (yeppieeee!) but does that give them a right to torment me? Yeah, I am talking about ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Chandni Chowk to China’. During my last trip to Mumbai and home town, I had to suffer the ignominy of watching these two horror movies almost 5-6 times. Most of the Hindi movies are crap and those that are not, hardly make any noise (except in film festivals) at box office but these two are top rung craps (if there is any sobriquet like that!)

I admire Amir Khan’s marketing skills and innovative approach to promote his movies but are people so blind not to differentiate between what is quality and what is total Bull***t? Most of the times, hype and hoopla fail to justify their existence. It was a movie that had numerous loopholes and yet it broke all the collection records. How could we appreciate a movie that has been ripped so shamelessly from quality stuff like ‘Memento’? Throughout the movies, there was not a single instant when I could find any love spark in girl’s eyes for his hero. Movie shows her in a smart and helping avatar who lives in Mumbai but was she so dumb not to identify the top honcho of country’s leading Telecom Company?

The villain, well, he was the only respite in the entire movie. Come on, he made me laugh! At least, the villain (supposed to be!) tickled my funny bone with his hilarious ‘dadagiri’! Yawnnnn!! More than a dark character, he looked like a clown trying real hard to be scary. Yeah, he succeeded in scaring me from watching this movie ever again in my life! The only saving grace was A R Rahman. Man, he rocks! The only thing I was left with after watching the horror show is ‘Re, Kaun Si Movie Thi Yeh’ (Like the villain keeps saying, Re kaun tha, Pata karo 2 saal pehle humne kis kis ko thoka tha! – Arre Yaar, if not anyone else, tumne mujhe toh thok hi diya!)   

Coming to Chandni Chowk to China, do let me know if there is any option like giving a movie -5 stars! I was glad this movie bombed. After the stupidity shown by Akshay Kumar in Welcome, Singh is King blah blah, finally our rising star crashed to some hard hitting reality. He has always been an average actor but dude, how far can you push your luck? The story of the movie is totally crappy. Did they really think, we would accept whatever nonsense they dish out? Acting is pathetic, scenes totally unrealistic and dialogoues… crude as it can get! Throughout the entire length of the movie, you will come across dialogues like ‘Mere ande pe kyu maar rahe ho? Bache ki jaan loge kya? Mere pichwaade ko apni dukaan samajh ke kyu thok raha hai?’ and yes, we are supposed to laugh on these creative dialogues! These movies literally come in my dreams and scare me to death. No pun intended!

Welcome to new age bollywood where we have learnt to copy scenes, blindly follow action stunts, show unrealistic perspective and no original creativity! I am so glad small budget movies have come to the forefront with no mega budget and superstars! They are the only respite we have! Long live bollywood! To finish with, isn’t it ironical the term ‘bollywood’ itself is copied/mimicked from Hollywood so the how the hell we could even think of having originality under its plagiarized shadow?!

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