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My Journey to the Unknown- Day 4 & 5

Posted by Mrityunjay on September 25, 2014

4th day:- I guess today was the least eventful day. Why? Goa, no? Self-explanatory. Rent a bike. Roam around. Just that, sun was at its most arrogant today. So a church, beach and a bit of jazz was all that was possible. Also, I realized I am more of a mountain person than a beach guy…Rest ‘Usual Goa’ stuff.. So there!

5th Day- Off to Belgaum. Left early morning. 150 kms from Panjim. Kadamba bus (Goa state transport). I was halfway through when I just didn’t like going further. I just felt I was rushing through things. Perhaps I was not. But I just felt like stopping there. In hindsight, I think I should not have accepted free flat/bike accommodation in Goa. Somehow that triggered comfort n laziness which in turn broke the momentum and rhythm. So I am on hold. Will go back to Mumbai, I guess.Panjim Church

Reflections so far! And notes to Myself:-

  • Yesterday I talked about total Expenses being 2100 or so. Yes, the idea was to have a budget trip and to be frugal. See..Point is, once you loosen your purse string, the world is at your feet. It’s only a matter of swiping your debit/credit card once and You can have best of resort and private cab and all. Money simple brings the business and the end consumer in direct contact removing all the intermediary factors. That works really fine in every other sector but for travel. While you travel, it’s these intermediary factors that provide you with real thrill, fun and experience. How else could I have met these folks like Bunty, Rakesh, Salim, Fishermen, those two ladies et al who actually enriched me with so many wonderful memories? Money facilitates not completes.
  • People- None I repeat none of the people that I asked for help, direction and other stuff refused me. It was incredible. Honest, grounded and traditional folks. Though I own minuscule element of cynicism and sarcasm floats through my veins, this entire trip makes me love Neanderthal even more. Homo sapiens, did you say? Oh puhleez, Let’s not flatter ourselves. At the same time, Best memories are those that you do not capture on camera. None of the people who I befriended had any pics clicked with me, nor any sort of phone number, Facebook thing exchanged. Sometimes it’s better this way. In any case over familiarity breeds contempt. Just memories and feel good factor.Karmali
  • My insomnia was not cured. But it doesn’t matter any more. I guess my mind and body is just not tired enough though mind seems to be in perpetual motion. As Dheeraj Rai had once suggested, “subah-subah 10 km daud ja or 100 km cycle chala le..apne aap bed pe gir jayega”! How wonderful of him! ‘Keep it simple stupid’ funda. Additionally, on Belgaum highway, a dhaabe wala told me “yaha ki coffee piyo..neend bhaag jayegi”. I said that’s the problem na. Neend ko laana hai.. his reply was- “insomnia is a disease of rich people!” am not rich but his response made my day. .and dil ko behlaane ke liye ye khyal bura nahi hai…
  • Had a chance to interact with a group of different nationalities @Calangute/Baga till 2-3 in night. A Dutch/French/Argentine. Conversation ranged from Louis van Gaal, Robben, Van Persie, Total football, French Riviera, Marseilles, Bordeaux Wine fermentation/tasting process, Jean Reno, Carla Bruni to Argentine stagflation, Currency Devaluation, Messi, Di Maria, Erstwhile Dictatorship, Che Guevara and impact of Jorge Luis Borges etc and plenty more which I can’t really remember. There is only that much you can recollect when you are under the influence of strange liquids. It helped that both French n Argentine were as fluent in English as I was. ;).. . point is- Reading, GK, Literature and world cinema really helps. Personally for me, such conversations are just so rare and so fulfilling…

What Else? I guess, I have so much to talk and say..but all this looks like I was point preaching or sounding so..I admit, certain things mentioned here are not possible for people with wifey/kids in tow..but any ways..thank you to all of you for allowing me to take you all to this..journey/adventure/experience/escape whatever you call it..Really Really appreciate it..Cheers.. Winding up..

P.S- I think, I am having ‘Travel Withdrawal Symptoms’ since coming back because my heart is feeling trance, tandava and tranquility all at the same time but then Didn’t Kurt Vonnegut say, “Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God”? Adios!

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Female Sex Tourism

Posted by Mrityunjay on June 1, 2010

Ever heard of ‘R&R’? No, it does not signify ‘Rest and Relaxation’. It refers to ‘Rent a Rasta’. Directed by J. Michael Seyfert, ‘Rent a Rasta’ is an eye-opening depiction of female sex tourism in Caribbean Islands. Though, the movie chronicles the seductive ways of black locals and white-skinned Women in Jamaica, it very much represents a barely acknowledged form of sex tourism prevalent in other beach heavens also like Indonesia, Goa, Senegal, Jordan and certain parts of Africa. No less than 80,000 females from wealthy Western countries descend on Jamaica every year to satisfy their carnal desires. Local guys offering sex are termed as ‘beach boys’. Seeing sex to female tourists is a surging global phenomenon and if by any chance you get an opportunity to rent or download ‘Rent a Rasta’, you will be introduced to a new form of exploitation where it’s women who rule the roost.

The conventional wisdom has given way to empowerment witnessed by middle-aged, white-skinned women who otherwise feel ignored and unattractive. Native blacks offer their ‘services’ in lieu of money, electronic items, designer clothes and other material items. It is a thriving business that in some way reflects the declining social culture and weakening family structure in Caribbean. Women get their thrill when the beach boys pay their attention, find them beautiful and express their desire to satisfy them in every possible way. For most of these middle-aged and overweight spinsters, it is like discovering the gateways of a hedonistic world. They are not wanted by white men and because of social taboo, they can’t date black men so the only way out is to travel all the way to remote islands and seek uncomplicated sexual favours.

However, there is a silent and strict understanding between both parties and that is of keeping the liaison a complete secret. Quite a few documentaries have been made on this issue but it is hard to find them because of controversies surrounding these videos. Most of the beach boys are victim of relentless poverty and female sex tourism gives them a wonderful opportunity to make some fast bucks. For women, this is almost like a way to settle the score right with men in west who find these sexually-starved women unattractive.

These beach boys in Jamaica are also called ‘Rastatutes’ whereas women are termed ‘milk bottles’ because of their white skin. Women don’t have the option of visiting brothels and ‘Rent a Rasta’ offers them a chance to satiate their desires. Though, things might appear interesting to some and liberating to others, but ironically it also displays a continual blueprint of unreserved suppression and economic disparity of the islanders. In a way, it is a form of exploitation but of different form. So, if people have any false notions about Rent a Rasta being a risk-free pleasure ride of corneous white women gone wild, then it’s time to get it straight. It is more about a mushrooming inclination which is destroying free-flowing and exotic Caribbean culture and family structure.

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