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The Game of Practicality

Posted by Mrityunjay on May 3, 2009


Sometimes, Illness brings you in a contemplative zone along with feelings of irritation and anger. So now when I am feeling slightly low in health related affairs my attention veered towards an aspect that has kept roaming in my mind since quite some time. Recently, I was having this meeting with my friends. We few got together with not-so-hidden agenda of pampering ourselves with memories of past glory. Well, we do have this right of rewarding ourselves once in a while because it’s really tough; being a man, what with chores of practicality and managing all girls out there. Such meetings often start with issues of the world and discussions of professional matters and then you tend to have a dinner or lunch and finally comes moments of silence after the initial excitement of chit-chat. Then, it’s kind of reflection or wondering what next to do because anything you talk after that will be directly taken from the personal sphere and that’s when it gets very intriguing.

All of a sudden it hits hard when you think of how the content of the conversation has changed in a matter of 3-4 years. Those same guys used to blabber endlessly and about every damn topic. These were the same guys who loved talking about their new crushes, romantic encounters and ‘I will rule the world’ sort of statements. Those eyes were full of dreams and expectations. I hardly remember anyone actually taking a time to reflect upon things. All that used to be in mind was need to get going with the flow of life. We all loved to share our secrets and it was kind of competition who will share first.

And how things have changed? Now everyone appears smarter than before and those reflective eyes hide number of secrets. Call it wisdom or maturity or plain practicality but things are no more the same. But the most striking change was none of them having anything to share about his spouse! Compare this with old days when talking about girlfriends was a craze but now..No single word about their life partner. Or did I miss something? Oh, no…I did not…

So what happened? Love vanished or simply put, it is no longer the priority? When you are in love, you tend to go through this fascinating journey of emotional rides and fluctuations in your own thinking pattern. The logic and reasoning often takes a back-seat and you follow what your heart tells you. But now that you are married and there seems to be no frontier to conquer, the emotional rollercoaster ride is well replaced by curse of practicality!

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