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Long Live Middle Class!

Posted by Mrityunjay on June 27, 2011

Middle class makes up for a sizable chunk of the society but that hasn’t really transformed into any sort of real power. Yes, numbers do matter and we can take to the streets a la, Jasmine revolutionaries or piggy riding on the likes of Anna Hazare or Yoga Rockstar, Baba Ramdev but that’s as far as we can go or think of going. Middle class is meant to suffer in the hands of politicians, bureaucrats and under the weight of its own expectations and ambitions.

The idea of this post came from recent diesel and LPG price hike. Whether its rising inflation, increased commodity prices, skyrocketing real estates, nasty service tax/education cess or rising cost of everything under the sun, it’s essentially middle class population that has to bear the brunt. I wonder, whether all these talks of inflationary pressure on our household expenses has any effect on the rich echelons of the society?! The middle segment has neither the resources of the rich nor the fatalism of the poor who silently perish. For any government, middle class has always been a soft target.

There can’t be any cataclysmic change which will prove instrumental in uprooting this curse. On our part, Indian middle class is no less responsible for some of the mess. It has stopped the celebration of the ordinary and taken the baton of new superpower or new-age consumers high on the Viagra of more spending capacity, far too seriously. They call it ambition, moving to the next level but in reality, it is more likely a case of blatant mimicking of the ‘rich’.

Not long back, we had global financial meltdown. Agreed, it was triggered/conspired/instigated by the banking behemoths but segment that really suffered was middle class. Whether it was axing of jobs, reduction in salaries or inability to splurge, the “half-have’s” had it really tough. Yet, if we look closely at the phenomenon, the primary reason behind the breakdown can be attributed to people’s inability to save and useless addiction to splurge. All the large banks, mortgage firms, stock brokers, marketers, advertisers etc know all they need to do is to arouse that “I belong” feeling within the foolish middle class population.

Most of these victims couldn’t balance their own checkbook, so what they got was overdraft fees. No prizes for guessing, the banks forced them into not paying attention, right? They had to have those 50” 3D LCDs/Plasma because this will make them feel affluent. Again, they added that price tag onto their credit cards and yet they complained about lack of savings. The neighborhood uncle talked about this phenomenal stock that was going to give 1000% returns in a month and they got burned!

I am not done yet. Some of my friends/colleagues, typical middle-class junta but high on house mortgage, bonuses, perceived above average salaries, are not really familiar with what a budget is but will turn into gluttons once they come across a fast-food joint and will buy useless smartphones, without knowing what android refers to. Despite all that, the middle class wannabes still have the gumption to blame banks for all the horrible decisions taken by them. So either this category is completely brainless and blind when it comes to managing their finances or they should accept that they are spineless enough to be controlled by high-flying shrewd bankers from some dark dungeon board room or something!

This is basic Economics 101. But I am afraid, not many of them are really aware of game of economics or even history books which clearly states that, in the Crash of 1929 the politicians, the bankers and the elite, with connections in high places and enormous credit and cash reserves, bought up everything that was for sale. Yes, you read it right. The bourgeois never made money. Worse of all, this middle class always lives with one cherished delusion and that is, very presence of intellectual or artistic gifts masquerading as ‘divine attributes’ helping them in closing the distance with the ‘Have’s’.  The hungry resourcefulness cannot be compensated by the careful pretensions of personas that are somehow inherently invested with a loads of aspirations colored in shades of self-pity.

The middle class segment of Indian society is anyways, the least privileged one. So, they should either accept the inevitable with a pinch of salt or try reducing the pain of reality by finding their “internal locus of control” in the bowels of their withering mind. And if nothing here written by me is making any sense then please, unplug your computer and stick a wet finger in the electrical socket.

Long Live Middle Class!

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Karma is a B*tch!

Posted by Mrityunjay on June 22, 2011

Last two months were eventful. Very eventful. In fact, past 6-7 months, it has been a totally new experience for me, simple because of the ‘unpredictability’ factor that life keeps throwing at you. Not long ago, I used to wonder, what’s the entire hullabaloo about job hunt and employment scenario? Well, as things turned out, I got to experience it firsthand. Job hunt for me had become more of an alien concept but then karma is a b*itch! Travesty of life! What goes around comes around.

During my Mumbai sojourn, I had a chance to meet plenty of colorful characters in TV/film industry. Many of them were supposed to be influential, powerful, knowledgeable and of course, helpful. Well, wasn’t I wrong? You bet, I was! I actually don’t come from the corporate world. I was more of a member of a peaceful, bountiful and world of enlightenment called academics, i.e., reading & writing. I have always admired well read people who possess plenty of knowledge and IQ but the sort of people I met, were far from any definitions of above mentioned attributes. Media field is full of insecure, arrogant people and a majority of those that have made any sort of headway could do it only because they had the “contacts”!
Well, let me get to the point, this is not about getting to the roots of understanding of prevailing condition in the media field but it’s how people take advantage of you and then act like you are a piece of sh*t.

One of the regular feedback I got was ‘you are over-qualified for television programming or production”. I was actually surprised to witness that people would be insecure about others knowledge. Check what Business head of a top TV channel has to say, “if you think you are creative then media is not the field for you. We serve crap in name of entertainment and that’s what you will be doing. It’s a rotten place to be!” Pretty honest but ugly, aint it? The whole experience was far from the pleasant sensations, I felt when I tend to churn out a well-written article or read/grasp a new thing. Interestingly, at one of the leading media house, my non-selection was attributed to me being overly creative for the channel’s taste! Well….!

You will actually struggle to find really talented souls in this field. Your success is in direct proportion to whom you know and how much sh*t can you take.  Though, during this entire experience, I was not really sure whether I really wanted what I was looking for. Desperation and pressure does strange thing to you. Most of the media professionals I met gave the impression of them operating in a deadening environment in which they spend twelve-fourteen hours a day completely devoid of any innovation. No wonder, their spark, zeal and enthusiasm has been sucked out of by some kind of screwed up osmosis. Almost an anti-climax where you have to carry on doing what is a complete failure to uphold all the values you believed in as a young, idealistic kid. Someone said, “getting a job is like enrolling in a human domestication program.  You learn how to be a good pet”.

It’s actually quite frustrating to find yourself unable to translate your potential into something really concrete/grand, especially when you have never really doubted the stuff carefully nurtured within for years. But perhaps, there are far better ways to make a living than selling yourself into indentured servitude. To sum up, everything happens for a reason and in my case, perhaps my fiercely independent personality managed to escape impending slavery! At least, for the time being!

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