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A Letter to Railway Minister

Posted by Mrityunjay on July 22, 2010

Honorable Railway Minister,

For quite some time, I was thinking of paying a tribute to wonderful services rendered by you in your capacity as Union Railway Minister. I do hope to have your response despite your proven track record of dismissing every allegation of neglect made against you. I am also aware of your penchant for blaming the CPI (M) government for every rail accident and poor safety record of your ministry. But as we all know, you are the woman of masses; you care for the common men and yes, also behave like one. Your grass-rooted mentality (read myopic view) has gifted us just 14 accidents in last 14 months at a mere cost of over 400 lives. Yes, you read it right. Just 400 and that is the official data. But thinking of it, these martyrs have sacrificed their lives for a greater cause and that cause is to see their beloved Didi in the Writers’ building in Kolkata. No, no we have completely managed to forget that you are also in charge of Railway ministry and you are supposed to attend Cabinet meetings which are so often missed by you because of pressing commitments in West Bengal.

Didi, the common men have always loved to sacrifice their lives for heavenly causes and what can be more pious and divine than your pursuit of forcing CPI (M) government out of the state? In exchange, we are always willing to adjust with your ignorance of Rail Bhavan. We also do not mind your constant jibes against the state government and blaming them for every rail accident that has taken place in last one year. Trust us, we don’t even pay attention to the current status of 90,000 vacant posts including 20,000 posts in railway safety and security. We understand your priority and the need of the hour.

How could opposition parties term you rudderless or irresponsible and a pioneer of sabotage theory? Aren’t they aware of your unquestionable commitment to the victims of West Bengal who are supposedly under a tyrant’s rule for over three decades? Perhaps, they are still living in the Nehru-Lal Bahadur Shastri era and can’t get over the moral responsibility taken by Mr. Shastri in his capacity as a Rail Minister and subsequent resignation following the train accident in 1956 that took away 150 lives.

We are living in the era of pragmatism and yet dissenting voices blame you for not shouldering responsibility! Pity on them for doubting the credentials of our honest minister who wears simple slippers, lives in a one-room flat and likes to address mammoth rally every month in the heart of Kolkata. Why should it bother the common men that these rallies stop the life of the city and results into colossal loss for the state’s exchequer? After all, it is for a greater cause.

Honorable Minister, we sincerely apologize for all the negative comments about your ministry made by some passengers who managed to achieve the feat of getting a reserved seat in this summer by paying 3 to 4 times of actual fare. How would they know how tough it is to establish a profitable nexus between bureaucrats and ticket agents? But no, these narrow-minded people are only concerned with attending marriage functions or funerals or meeting their family members after a year of hard work. Please forgive those ignorant souls who feel they have been duped by your inability to handle summer rush and provide new trains.

Didi, we empathize with your unwavering focus on removing Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government who couldn’t even provide ample security to Ratan Tata and his ambitious Singur Plant from the unruly workers of your party, Trinamool Congress. Please complete your mission first and then we will think of getting a comfortable reservation system, procuring iron rods, wagons and safety instruments for railways. Till then, let the jealous souls blabber about your decision-making paralysis and resulting piling-up of bodybags on Indian tracks. We are happily willing to ignore string of mishaps under the reign of tragedy-railway-queen. After all, it’s all for a greater cause.

Sincerely Your’s

A Common Man


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