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Do Looks Really Matter?

Posted by Mrityunjay on May 14, 2009

looksI will start with one personal story. Few years back, I remember a female friend of mine sobbing in front of me and confessing that she had never been kissed because of her ‘looks’! I was stunned and was totally befuddled! Ok, why am I sharing this? I will tell you, why!         

A recent research report made me think of that story. It’s a known fact that the world is a sucker for good looks. According to that survey, people with good looks coupled with height and fairness factors have better chances of attaining success in personal as well as professional sphere! Surprised? Well, it caught me off-guard! Until now, I had this feeling that looks are significant only when it comes to proverbial ‘First Impression’ thing. Afterwards, all that matters is your consistency in performance and efforts put into. Well, I was totally wrong. The research tells us that those with good looks have consistent advantage over not-so-fortunate people through-out their lives. How unfair that sounds?

See the trend going on in your vicinity. Check any channel, website, newspapers, magazines etc and everywhere you will see toned-up, muscular, well groomed and svelte figures staring at you. We people in general have this unforgiving and insensitive attitude towards people who look far from perfect.

Whether it is parents, friends, life partners, neighbors, they all look at you with hidden derision and far from encouraging comments regarding something or the other. It could be weight, color complexion or height etc. we tend to admire good looking people. Those who look any less than perfect are often overlooked or given unfair deal. So, in that light, this research should not surprise us.

Given the emphasis on appearance, true talent is often in danger of remaining hidden for an entire lifetime. If we search a bit, we can find several such examples. So what’s the way out? Well, beware, now I am getting into that preaching mode!

As has been repeated thousands of times, your undying confidence in yourself is the only thing that can get you far despite the world’s derision and skepticism of non-believers. You stand the chance of being jeered, booed or even ignored but how about a flashing disarming smile in such situations! You don’t have any other choice, do you? And trust me; being famous is no big deal now. Work hard for one month and you can find your 15 minutes of fame on YouTube or twitter. Not to mention, there are several other viable and practical options also! But basically, you just need to love yourself!

About that story, well, my immediate reaction was giving a peck on her forehead. I guess, that was one of the happiest moments in her life. I am not in touch with her today but from what I had heard of her last time, she was doing well in life as well as relationships…Amen!

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