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Witchcraft- Reality or Illusion?

Posted by Mrityunjay on October 2, 2009

WitchcraftOne of the ages old debate centers around intellect levels of men and women. Who is more intellectual? Or should I put it this way; who uses intellect more frequently? One theory says, men are more prone to be intellectual because intellect occurs in the same direction as that of argument or aggression whereas, women are known to be more intuitive and they live by hunches. The theory further explains, it is always hard to argue with a female precisely because women tend to arrive at conclusions on the drop of the hat. So even if you try arguing with a woman there is no point to it because she has already decided, her final riposte is already clear and therefore, argument is not needed at all! Even the man comes up with amazing logics and arguments, woman has already made her mind, she knows what is going to be the end result and all she is waiting is to declare the conclusion!

To further the point, it is said that intuition is always conclusive and perhaps that’s why telepathy more is more associated with woman. And why just telepathy? Take for instance, clairvoyance; hypnosis, clairaudience etc come under the domain of women expertise. Now, you may be wondering how I am going to establish this theory in the realm of title of the post? Well, because witchcraft was always intuitional and again it was a craft of women; Witchcraft!

Many of you must have heard of church’s crusade against the witches during the Middle Ages. And what was the reason? Priests belonged to the world of intellectuals and witches adhered to intuition and it was hard for priests to really understand how intuition can work. Take into note one more fact, all the witches were women and all the priests were men and what happens next? Priests tried to burn the witches thinking that witches were dangerous and ungodly. Priests did succeed in wiping out all the witches from the planet. It was one of the most barbaric and heinous act done in the name of God. But this atrocity took away something real precious.

 The mass murder movement of Middle Ages snatched away superior possibilities, higher knowledge and beautiful receptive abilities. Though few witches managed to survived, they could not regain their receptive capacity again because of the fear. One interesting observation was witches were consulted by predominantly men population. In other words, intellect seeking the help of intuition.

In hindsight, I feel the crusade was less against witchcraft and more against women. Imagine, intuition taking precedence over intellect and that too in a male dominated society! ‘Reason’ was used to wipe something powerful but irrational. The priests were self-appointed messenger of God and they could not take any competition. The aftereffect was tragic because women kept shrinking into a shell. She was no longer confident to show her power and if she showed any glimpse of any special talent she was immediately branded as a witch and you can imagine what could happen to her after that!

I feel perplexed at the hypocrisy of men and specifically the so called religious representatives of our society. Think about it. If woman shows any special talent, she was burned, tortured and killed but if a man shows same sort of talent he was celebrated as a ‘Miracle man’. He becomes a saint, a so called representative of God whereas a woman because witch and a darling of Devil for the exhibition of same quality! And Now, History is repeating itself all over again but with a slight twist.

New age Psychoanalysts (including the Freudians and Adlerians) are vehemently opposing witchcraft and why am I not surprised to find all these analysts are men? Everything remains the same except that psychoanalysts have replaced priests. Tell me who are the patients of these analysts? Yes, your ‘intellect’ is not deluding you. It is women predominantly. Complete twist of fate and total reverse of what used to happen during Middle Ages. Now, intuition has to seek help of intellect and that tells us something about crippling of intuition.

I don’t think, the term `witch’ is a bad word. Rather, it is a beautiful word signifying a wise woman. The conspirators even derived the conclusion that witches were in a sexual relationship with the devil and can you really believe that? I mean, priests always preached devil do not exist then how could witches have sexual relationship with him? And why sexual relationship was scoffed at?

Two of the enlightened ones, Jesus and Buddha had a life changing experiences with prostitutes. Buddha was taught Art of living by a prostitute named Kamala whereas Magdalene was always closely associated with Jesus. And would you mind believing both these Messiahs actually went against the society and stayed with the prostitutes! These two female characters have not got their due in history books but they will get that eventually and so will Witches!

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P.S- Came across few articles based on themes like Witchcraft, Church, Magdalene and related subjects. So credit goes to those articles. I am just writing it in a slightly different way.  

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