Silent Whispers

Chasing Illusionary Butterflies!

Know Me!

‘About Me’ section is always difficult to write. Why difficult? Well, there is so much of me in everything and so much of everything in me! A part of me keeps changing every day so now you can understand the ever-changing fickle nature of this ‘About Me’ section!

Yet, I will try! First and foremost I have strong opinion about everything on the planet and sometimes even about the far elements of galaxy! I have strong likes and dislike that keeps on inter-changing their places! 😉 I was designed to be an unplanned hippie who goes along famously well with large number of people for a certain period of time!

Sometimes, I am incredulous and some other times I am a skeptic. At certain hours of the day, I am full of logics and reasoning and when the dark befalls, I tend to be as stubborn as a kid! P.S- this timing is subject to change!

I love blabbering about stuffs that never concern me. Expressing my opinions and indulging in unsolicited suggestions to innocent as well as wicked souls comes naturally to me. I find my thoughts changing every now and then! Perhaps, that gives my so-called intelligent thought process a bit of legitimate authenticity. I like to maintain a proper schedule but that thing called life loves to interfere with an alarming frequency.

I have sporadic view about keeping in touch with the people. Most of the times I prefer talking to people sitting in far corners of the country or residing across the sea whereas people living in close vicinity find it difficult to make me catch up with them. Paradoxical ambiguity? Nah, it’s just a matter of communication ability of people that fascinates me rather than personality!

About my religious beliefs, I am not yet sure! I visited Vaishno devi five years in a row and yet I never find myself chanting any mantras during the times of despair or joy! So, probably that way I am a Half-atheist. I like to say whatever I feel. It may sound offensive but I don’t intend it that way. It’s just that my expressions prefer to have an aggressive tinge! I am very possessive about my space, books, movies and freedom of speech and above all my in-built ability of behaving in any which way that pleases me!

More Details??

Okay, this blog has no clear-cut theme. Want to write what I think and what I feel! In other words, the silent whispers are an ode to my ramblings that are often noticed and some other times, plainly ignored!

This blog can be outrageous because I intend to spit buckets of venoms! Not to differentiate myself but just because I have tons of rage against worldly-wise definitions of normality and certain sections of people! So all in all, I would like to define myself somewhere in between wicked & nice and sugar & spice with a mix of X- factor!

Last but not the least, comments are warmly welcome but make sure not to throw brickbats because trust me, they will be returned with vengeance! Once provoked, I find my self-illusions of generosity totally tarnished! This is my Journal, My thoughts, My Ramblings!!

You Can send some Love, Affection, Sarcasm, Anger, Grievances or better Still, Business Proposal, Writing Offers or Anything that You Prefer at:-

5 Responses to “Know Me!”

  1. Bhawna said

    I am glad I know someone… who has let the rambling begin and who can scream even through whisperss……

    Of all the eople in the world..
    we acually met….

    ~~~~ praise the Lord~~~

  2. geetu said

    glad to meet u jay ..

  3. Amal said

    Hey, after reading this introduction – I still know nothing about you 🙂

    Share with us your favourite street food, movie, book or cartoon character 🙂 In short, what makes you, you.

  4. Arun said

    “The eagle has landed, Houston.
    And read his friend’s jay blabberings.
    And he didn’t disappoint.”

    “Copy that Eagle One. Call him in the evening.”

    “Roger. I will. And, Houston, I gotta start my own blog”

    “Roger that, Eagle One. Have a nice evening. Over and Out”

    Jay, Man you write beautifully. Will call you while playing Scotchy-Scotch, and discuss your blog.

  5. Thank you All…:-)

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