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You say it best when you say nothing at all..

Posted by Mrityunjay on May 21, 2009

silenceTell me one thing that disappears the moment you name it? Guess, no! Ok, no prizes for guessing. Its silence. Aah, I am in love with this word. In my eyes, silence is one of the most effective communication tools. No words can tell me as much about someone as silence can. Almost, effortlessly! Yet, people want to hear your words, your screams, your tales to rally understand you, ignoring the golden meaning of silence. Silence has been always been accorded the highest value by arts, literature and entertainment.

Even culturally, Asians are known to use silence as means of communication as well as sign of respect and tolerance. However, western world would differ. They construe silence as rude and odd. They prefer speech instead of silence. Remember those childhood days when you are getting the scolding of your life and what was your reaction? Downcast eyes and sealed lips! If pushed further, few complaints or tears. That’s it! So, we have been taught the virtue of silence from those childhood days.

To me, very few things are a soothing as sitting in the lap of nature with no human being around and listening to the silence of nature. That’s pure bliss. If you have not tried it then please try it. Understand the virtue of silence. I know, for few its bliss and for few others its pure anathema. Few of my close ones find my silence irritating and few others a channel of free flowing peace. I hardly care about what others think but it’s my birthright to remain silent whenever I wish to! The harder thing is finding people who could understand this inherent need!

Some of the great communicators use silence effectively. In fact, they are good at communication skills because they know how best to utilize the virtue of silence. Silence is not meant to unnerve you or overwhelm you. Just a little bit of modification and you will be adept at understanding it. People who hate silence can never understand other people. It would be real fun to master the art of silent communication.  

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5 Responses to “You say it best when you say nothing at all..”

  1. Vikalp said

    well said Jay… for me too, sitting in nature’s lap, speaking nothing and observing its miracles is a bliss… i just love those moments. 🙂
    You can almost see yourself smiling and flying… peace has very few synonyms and silence is one of them. 🙂

  2. Pankti said

    Silence and subtlety definitely work for me. you can really win a thousand hearts by staying silent and let your adversary do the talking. silence will weight heavier than all the words in the world…

  3. Nazi said

    Mujehy bhi comment kerna haiiiiii 😀

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