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Death on the Nile- Book 15 Review

Posted by Mrityunjay on July 15, 2018

Death on the Nile is my first ever Agatha Christie read. Having successfully tried being a first-timer into the worlds of Harry Potter, LOTR, I was looking forward to the hitherto unexplored classics in different genres. Agatha Christie was one of them. Others include Arthur Conan Doyle, Narnia series etc. Agatha Christie was perhaps one of the most popular and prolific fiction writers on the planet. Having educated myself a bit about her history, I simply feel astounded with her productivity levels. 87 Books!

agathaAs I started reading “Death on the Nile”, my overwhelming thought was that Agatha Christie must have had so much fun writing this book.  Although this book was written a long time ago (1937), the fun just came through loud and clear.  She took her own sweet time to set up all the characters and laying out the plot.  The focal point of the plot- the murder doesn’t occur until almost the mid-point of the book.

Talking about the plot, Hercule Poirot (Poirot was the detective featured in most of Christie’s murder mysteries), on vacation in Egypt, meets the rich, beautiful Linnet Doyle and her new husband, Simon. As usual, all is not as it seems between the newlyweds, and when Linnet is found murdered on the boat, Poirot must sort through a boatload of suspects to find the killer before he (or she) strikes again. What makes this mystery interesting is the complexity of the emotions and varying shades of its characters. No one is who they appear to be on this ship, and they are all trapped together. The upper-class and lower-class exploration in this novel crosses lines many times, as does the affairs or confusion over who is or was previously with someone else romantically. Somehow, this popular murder mystery felt like a television drama; affairs, jealousy, revenge, gossip and blind passion! There is husband, wife and She! Plus, 15 other passengers on board and all of them had something of interest to offer to the story. So many clues, so much fun to guess. Great one for a beginner to the series!

As Death on the Nile was my first encounter with Hercule Poirot, I had absolutely no idea what to expect but then you can pretty well guess why this world famous mystery detective has got a cult status and all. Self-assured, self-confident and essentially cocky along with generous dose of philosophical richness (who wouldn’t be after solving so many crimes, especially in Agatha Christie’s world); Poirot comes across as a mysterious and elusive man. Old world charm. Slightly predictable and yet intriguing. It was also fascinating to see what sort of language, cultural and social attitudes were deemed acceptable in the 1930s. I loved the way author described each character brilliantly with exquisite detail.

All in all a fun, interesting, and compelling mystery. Light read and given the clues author sprinkles on the readers, if you are bright enough, you can beat Poirot in identifying the killer.Happy reading, folks. Cheers.


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