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Chasing Illusionary Butterflies!

My Journey to the Unknown- Day 1

Posted by Mrityunjay on September 21, 2014

Morning 5 A.M. Divorced from sleep. And a sudden urge to travel. How about Konkan? Never been to famed konkan railway. A quick online check. Plenty of seats. No rush. Sleeper? Been a decade. AC won’t be fun. A quick bag pack. But go where? Never mind dude. First get in the train. 

Man, never seen so much greenery. It’s green, Green and blinding Green. Eyes started seeing better. Wearing soul getting rid of inertia. Coach footsteps felt like plush cushion of La Meridian. Add to that constant drizzling. .showering my being with strangest of pleasures. And then this aged crazy Goan-Portuguese couple. As normally happens, Husband confiding in me the glorious pages of his youth & inevitable failed love affair. Wife staring at me with suspicious eyes. Me Not knowing how to react. But I have been an integral listening part to several love stories of folks. One more to the list. He pestering me about my destination. Not satisfied with my answer he accusing me of going to meet my secret mistress. What a lovely crime to be accused of. Loved it.

20140911_102907 (2)Bunch of Goa bound beautiful girls from Delhi. Oh Delhi! Oh girls! Dhak-dhak! Sigh! Loud singing. Me joining the chorus- come to Goa na with us. Too tempting but..Nah, this is supposed to be a solo journey.

Then tunnel after tunnel. Beautiful reflection of life. Sunshine, rain, nature and darkness. But where should I get down? Sindhudurg? Umm..looks too crowded. Adavali? Can’t see a single soul. Kudal? May be! It has a nice ring to it. Now? Figuring out.

With that, am gone. *poof*

P.S- I first posted this on Facebook (that’s why this minimal writing method. Feels like Codes written during WW2) though I had this nagging feeling that this deserves a proper blog post. But blame it on my eternal procrastination habits. However, I felt nudged by Kedar, Anand and then Manish (Twitter). Could have been more elaborate but let it be..for the time being..;)

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