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Broken Society

Posted by Mrityunjay on January 16, 2011

How many times have you heard people from different walks of life cribbing about things- mundane stuffs to issues concerning national welfare? Did I hear, on a regular basis? Oh Yes, It starts very early in the morning when you switch on your TV hoping to get some good news but since when good news started to bring TRPs? News channels will talk about another raid on CWG premises, financial channels will talk about impending doom and gloom scenario in Ireland and Greece and I wouldn’t even bother to talk about soap operas. Then comes your maid complaining about water shortage and rising cost of onions. If by chance, I get an auto for Janakpuri metro station, I always have to heckle over exorbitant fair charges but then auto walla will respond, “Bhai saab, yahan pe subko tension hai. Koi khush nahin hai..”.

You meet your friend and the conversation involuntarily veers towards plight of our state and its politicians. Perhaps it is typical lower and middle class whingeing and certainly more than that; anger and immense conflict. This non-stop flow of opinions does tend to make you believe whatever they are prophesying. Despite all the claims of India shining and the mad rush to prove ourselves as country of hope in 21st century, we all are grumpy. If you are well-educated and own a bit of conscience, things appear further bleak. Forget about the alleged prosperity that we have come to acquire. The only common strand on the ground, among the rich or the poor or middle class is hysterical greed and ambition, frustration, and increasing polarization between different sections of the population.

The only people that are truly happy are authors of self-help and motivation books because we all are not just unhappy but also pretend to portray our lives as perfect one which further adds to the state of permanent anger, angst and stress. What is it that causes cases of randomized violence and armed attacks in the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, and other metros in broad daylight? We have started to program ourselves to total incompetence and hypocrisy. Most of the middle class people are neo-rich and do not like to miss one opportunity to show their neighbors and acquaintances how gladly they are willing to be ripped off to assuage their wannabe aspirations.

Check out those high-flying professionals. On the surface of it, they exactly know what they are missing and how to fill up those empty-sockets but instead, everyone I meet is frustrated to killing point, working 18-hour days, hating every minute of it, but unable to get off the corporate treadmill. Of being seen as ‘successful’.

The constant flow of bad news, corruption, rape, violence, apathy etc does not shock us anymore. Actually, it takes a lot to shock we hypocrite Indians simply because, you and I are not as virtuous. It is less about corrupt politicians like Kalmadi and Raja and more about why the hell, I did not get that chance! The great Indian dream is built on apathy and carelessness towards everything that does not come in between me and my dreams. And if, by any chance you point fingers at authorities not caring for general population then, please, first look at your own existence and whether you have contributed an iota for others in proportion to your complain list?

I believe, I am a part of a broken society where we idolize nothing but success, where we are always desirous of being a part of glitzy nightclubs and where we don’t even have to make any sort of effort to ignore bad things. We are turning out to be shallow people in addition to being hypocrite. Hypocrisy is in Indian blood effectively demonstrated through centuries of our evolution and stories. More on that, in a different post.

Who among us is fit to write about morality? Certainly not Me but didn’t I just tell you, we Indians are hypocrites?


5 Responses to “Broken Society”

  1. harsh said

    we always keep competing with the best,always trying to surpass everyone in every field, instead of enjoying what we have already and it goes on till we are dead. God hasn’t given us this life to waste it like this. Greed has no end. and in this mad race we forget that everyone is unique,different from each-other with dissimilar needs and unalike goals.We should try to grow inwards rather growing outwards.

  2. I quite agree and relate to the fact that we all have ended up in a mad race that seems never ending now and the purpose too is unknown. But give me a choice? what can one do with inflation? cut down on needs? Yes i am doing that…save money for the future? Yes I am doing that…chill for a while and not worry about matters concerning money, future, investment, marriage etc? Yes I am doing that but yet i cant seem to escape this mad mad race not just for money but in general…running the marathon without any purpose…I think this society offers no solution for people who want to take a slow walk by the beach…you either run or stand and stare…wish to escape but from what and where?

    • harsh said

      I do agree that its really difficult to escape from this mad race but someone somewhere will have to…we can’t all the time blame society for all the problems…we should start making some norms and bending the existing ones..we need to bring the change …this is kalyug and we cant hope another incarnation of lord vishnu..

  3. Kanupriya said

    Indeed thought provoking…I many a times wonder on these “pseudo” happiness quotient and forever “be-positive” mantras which these authors of self help books propagate to supposedly motivate others! I many a times wonder on our deep rooted need for exhibitionism which somewhere prohibits us from stepping back or be out of the race for a while. How can one do that, after all if we are not in this mad rush won’t our life be so “non-happening” & “uncool”. What will we tell others about our life? “Others”, yes more than ourselves there is a need to prove something to others…
    Loved this post!

  4. Rupali said

    Weird that the concept of success is being measured only to whether you have a fat salary and whether you work for a big name and whether you have a so called big position in office and ofcourse, whether you have a big house. We are all set to prove a point to someone and sometimes it is good to sit back and ponder who the someones are. We leave the success factor of our life for someone else to decide rather than our own self as if we owe them something. When someone is unemployed, people meeting them and making them realize their situation instead of helping or contributing in any way. Having said this, I have also seen the other side of the society which is “Who are you, I dont know you” types. Trouble is open society leads to interference cause we simply dont know when to stop interfering in others lives and understand that not everyone is asking for your advice and especially not to give advice when you dont know anything about the situation or an individual’s career. The closed society lets you be the way you are. Infact it does not even care whether you exist. The trouble is, there they are so indifferent that when you really are looking for help, you may not find anyone around you. Cause what situation you are in is a result of your own decision and you should be responsible for your own shit.

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