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Pleasure Talking to You

Posted by Mrityunjay on September 25, 2010

Another weekend. Okay, so no new interesting updates on Facebook. The likes of Mashable, TechCrunch and even Huffington Post etc are damn lazy with their feeds. What to do now?  Time to follow the usual rituals developed in your youth and professional life. Why not start with a call to one of your family member or erstwhile best friend who had rang you few days back but you didn’t pick up “assuming” that you are way too busy for wasting your precious time on personal chit-chat!

Tring tring! Hello Bhaiya, how are you doing? And so the conversation started. Soon enough, you find your beloved brother talking about how his wife is messing with his life, and how his parents are not being fair to him. Errr…he forgot to add about his new born son who is suffering from diarrhea and because of which he hasn’t been able to sleep properly for last few days. Sad indeed, you mumble and hang up the phone. But yeah, wasn’t it touching listening to your brother’s story? Oh yes, it was and you feel great about the whole experience.

Okay, next up is “close” friend X who is trying to get in touch with you for long through his forwarded emails, received by 50-100 other guys visible in CC and BCC option of gmail. I know, he is my best friend and misses me a lot. Phone kept ringing and when you were about to cut it, X says a meek Hi!

“Where were you? Was looking for you all over. Do you get my forwarded mails? Come on, you know how much I miss you. BTW listen, am sitting in a bar with my colleagues. Will call you in some time. And hey, loved talking to you buddy. Keep in touch.”

Did I tell you, I loved talking to him too!

I am feeling so good getting back to all the important persons in my life. Gosh, they miss me so much and share everything! Okay, let’s talk to one of my long forgotten female colleague. We used to get along like fire. Partners-in-crime. How is she? Fine, other than the fact, she is working non-stop for last 2 months. Her personal life is messed up. Her parents keep shouting on her for coming so late in night. After all, it’s not a safe city. Her house needs renovation and she is struggling for finance. You listen, empathize, promise to help her any which way you can and hang up. But wasn’t it delightful talking to her? I bet, it was!

Okay, last call of the evening. You two are great buddies on Facebook, share a lot of links and blast Kalmadi with equal disdain. But you are damn surprised; you two have never talked on phone. So here goes the call.

Hey. Hi. Errr.. dude, politics sucks. Yeah. Ummm..

That “Like” button is Cool. Yeah. Hmm..umm..

Hey, will update new pictures on FB soon. Cool. See Ya then.

Truly a pleasure talking to you.

You guessed it right. Weekend is over. Just like that.

Time to share my touching experiences on FB and inform the world about my “happening” weekend on Twitter.

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