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How Old Spice Man Campaign from Procter & Gamble Redefined Social Media Marketing

Posted by Mrityunjay on August 15, 2010

What is the similarity between Dell, Coke, P&G, Nestle and of course, BP? No, they all are world renowned corporate giants and operate as segment leaders in their respective categories. What else? Did you say, Social Media? Bang on! Yes, the fortunes of these companies have been greatly affected with their social media marketing strategies. Though, not all of them can claim to have garnered positive reviews. The bottom-line is, some of these companies have greatly benefited from smart use of social media platforms and some others have definitely learnt a lesson or two. I will be talking about two sides of the same social media coin in two posts. This post will largely focus on the parts that present a wonderful example of how best to use social media marketing.

Dell, as we all know is a leader in notebook market. It is also credited with launching new modes of sales and marketing. So what happens when Dell started its own Facebook fan page? Stats show a tremendous increase in Dell’s brand loyalty and certainly consumer appeal. Dell runs several blogs related to customer service, product launch etc with great effect. Same with Coke. Needless to say, these two giants had the wisdom to take initiative and are making good use of their brand name. However, the real shining light is P&G. The way it unleashed a social media blitz, there is bound to have multiple repercussions on the landscape of social network marketing. Viral marketing was redefined with marketing of the old and forgotten Old Spice brand.

Old Spice marketing gimmick was an example for start-ups in regards to how to apply basic marketing practices in social media networks. No, it was not just the budget that made the campaign a huge hit. It was rather a low cost opportunity that was fully exploited by P&G. The company launched its brand character the “Old Spice Man” in a Super Bowl ad last February. What this character did was to promise women that he was “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. The character was played by “Isaiah Mustafa” who possessed perfect abs and not to forget, a very polished sense of humor and timing.

The popularity of ad spread like a wild fire in the jungle. Till the date, it has been viewed approximately 14-15 million times on YouTube. The ad was created by popular ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. Once the word of mouth publicity spread across the YouTube, the agency posted a simple (but miraculous) message on the Twitter and Facebook pages of Old Spice. It reads, “Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into Twitter, or maybe the Old Spice Man shows up @Old Spice.”

And that’s how a viral phenomenon started. Netizens started to ask questions to the Old Spice Man who responded to the queries with video vignettes. The replies had everything; good dosage of humor, witty lines presented by a bare-chested man with abs to die for. More than 180 videos were produced within a span of two days.

Even top Hollywood celebrities, gadget geeks, Olympians etc posed queries and got video answers. However, the real clincher was Old Spice Man’s response to Kevin Rose, the founder of social network Afterwards, Rose made a simple tweet “Holy sh*t, best get well video EVER from Old Spice” and message went out to his million-plus Twitter followers. And the rest is history.

Stats show the massive popularity of the ad. More than 7,50,000 FB users ‘liked’ the ad and its Twitter followers increased exponentially. The inclusion of celebrities with huge number of followers on social media network definitely helped the cause. The Old Spice commercials have received millions (it’s pointless to count the number anymore) of views. And what do you think was the cost of the media? Nothing actually.

This entire narration offers a wonderful resource of social media marketing lessons for other firms, especially the likes of BP and Nestle.

P.S- This Post wouldn’t have been possible without going through several corporate social media case studies and opinions expressed by SMM analysts.



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