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A Few Inches More

Posted by Mrityunjay on February 2, 2010

Day before yesterday, my room-mate casually asked me about height of some of our top bollywood stars and that got me going about how some of the greatest personalities of last century are short-heighted. There are hundreds of examples of ‘short’ people making it real ‘big’ in public domain. Yet, despite of this we people are obsessed with tall personalities just the way we have this ‘unfair’ obsession with “fairness”.

Mahatma Gandhi was 5’3” whereas Stalin was 5’4”. We simply cannot ignore this fact that many powerful men in world history were short. If you are a movie buff, how about realizing the fact that talents like Tom Cruise and AL Pacino are quite short by standard height benchmark. Even in Bollywood, take the reigning Khans; Salman, Amir and Shahrukh are below 6’ but their box office records are anything but ‘short’.

Male brigade is facing tough times in the era of stilettos. Poor, Nicolas Sarcozy always has to match up to his tall wife ‘Carla Bruni’. Similarly, Tom Cruise is always subject to humiliation while accompanied by his wife Katie Holmes who loves to wear stilettos. Sometimes, the female partner tries to make her man look taller by wearing flats. Yes, Katrina Kaif is one such benevolent partner.

The seeds of this height obsession lie in image associated with height. It symbolises power and even studies suggest the same. According to one study, short men are less likely to be promoted, hired or paid as well as their taller counterparts. Women also prefer to have taller companions. That explains why many short men are suffering from Napoleon complex or Short Man Syndrome.

The general perception also adds to this existing problem. Men are generally perceived to be tall, dark and handsome and who could provide protection to females. Vanity, eh?! Interestingly, short men also appear to be more aggressive which is nothing but a defence mechanism method to (over)compensate for the lack of height.

One direct beneficiary of this dilemma is fashion industry that has added few more zeroes to its bottom line by offering products like ‘Elevator shoes’. It is common to see numerous fashion articles emphasising value of ‘dressing tall’ and suggesting dresses that can add few more inches to one’s height. I wonder, should men be really this much troubled with the entire hullabaloo surrounding height factor?

Though, I am opining about height issue, perhaps I should take the initiative to contribute my bit. I am of around 5’10” and yet once in a while I keep blabbering about how 2 inches more would have been just perfect! Yes, good things do come in small packages. And if nothing else works out we can always initiate a campaign on lines of ‘Yes We Can’ and appoint someone like Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara to champion causes of short men ;).

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3 Responses to “A Few Inches More”

  1. Pankti said

    All I can say is I love the choice of your subject and you write so beautifully! I am impressed 😛 and yeah this also makes me feel better considering i am not so tall….

  2. Steven said

    I honestly hate women with strict height rules there never happy with anything they get anyway. I’m only 5,5 and somewhere between 145 and 150 lb. Yet, I can bench 170lb. not bad for a short guy. Honestly short men have far more drive to do more then tall men.

  3. Al Pacino said

    […] A Few Inches More « Silent Whispers […]

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