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Donkey’s Existence

Posted by Mrityunjay on December 6, 2009

The events of last few days or let us say, weeks has triggered kind of introspection-chain. Quite a few times, I wondered about whether being stagnant makes changing events of the world unnoticeable to me? But, I guess not! It does not really matter whether you are being stagnant or moving at a nano-second speed, things keep changing and you will be forced to notice them. Yes, if you are one of those active types, you will rather notice the changes quickly and in turn will be better equipped to handle the subsequent effects. Whereas, people like me who are more of laid-back nature and into the notorious habit of procrastinating, would be slow to react and adept quickly. The subconscious mind will be noticing each and every thing because of the fact I am always tuned to things taking place within the realm of my interest and even beyond that.

Sometimes, it feels that the best state of mind is to remain ignorant. You wouldn’t know what is happening and how is that going to affect you in short to long run. But problem is, you are hungry for ‘k’nowledge and even manage to acquire this dreaded K-word but if you are slow to process them, there are higher chances of you being confused at crucial junctures of your life. All the three angles of this triangle, absorption, procession and execution should be in sync with each other. There is no other way out.  

I remember, once while attending a class based on operation Management, I was told about four states of knowing,

1)    You know that you know

2)    You know that you don’t know

3)    You don’t know that you know

4)    You don’t know that you don’t know

Till the date I have always remained confused about these four states of being. For first couple of years, I always lived in the certainty of being in first two categories. That knowing of the state I am in, used to give me immense satisfaction and boost. How the tide has turned! Now, I think I am more in the level 4; the stage of Ignorance!

Have you ever observed a donkey and stigmas attached to it? Donkey signifies the ultimate insult and humiliation to your intellect or rather, existence! But is donkey aware of any of these exalted nomenclatures? Probably, his happiness arises from the fact that he is a donkey and that’s what is expected of him. To remain ignorant! We are slave to our own perception barometer! But, if a donkey is expected to behave within its limitations and not perform any smart act, are we humans any different? This question may lead to plethora of arguments but I am not in a mood to buy any of these.

Donkey’s life dictates, wake up, perform your daily chores, deserve some punishment, eat whatever you are being offered and sleep. Do humans behave any other way? Here, I think I can offer arguments from both side pertaining to humans’ exalted position in the microcosm, his ability to rise beyond the limitation, power of thinking and what not! But having said all that leave all those possibilities to a selected few whereas rest; please do adjust with your ‘donkey’ existence!  

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