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Two Movies I Am Scared Of

Posted by Mrityunjay on July 28, 2009

I am dead tired of two big budget movies of recent times. Yes, they came back some six months back but they continue to haunt me or should I say, chase me wherever I go? Imagine, you going in a bus or trying to watch a movie with your family members on cable and these two movies keep coming to you with alarming frequency. Okay, one was a blockbuster and perhaps the second biggest hit of Hindi Cinema (what has happened to people’s taste? Thinking…) and another one proved to be a dud at box office (yeppieeee!) but does that give them a right to torment me? Yeah, I am talking about ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Chandni Chowk to China’. During my last trip to Mumbai and home town, I had to suffer the ignominy of watching these two horror movies almost 5-6 times. Most of the Hindi movies are crap and those that are not, hardly make any noise (except in film festivals) at box office but these two are top rung craps (if there is any sobriquet like that!)

I admire Amir Khan’s marketing skills and innovative approach to promote his movies but are people so blind not to differentiate between what is quality and what is total Bull***t? Most of the times, hype and hoopla fail to justify their existence. It was a movie that had numerous loopholes and yet it broke all the collection records. How could we appreciate a movie that has been ripped so shamelessly from quality stuff like ‘Memento’? Throughout the movies, there was not a single instant when I could find any love spark in girl’s eyes for his hero. Movie shows her in a smart and helping avatar who lives in Mumbai but was she so dumb not to identify the top honcho of country’s leading Telecom Company?

The villain, well, he was the only respite in the entire movie. Come on, he made me laugh! At least, the villain (supposed to be!) tickled my funny bone with his hilarious ‘dadagiri’! Yawnnnn!! More than a dark character, he looked like a clown trying real hard to be scary. Yeah, he succeeded in scaring me from watching this movie ever again in my life! The only saving grace was A R Rahman. Man, he rocks! The only thing I was left with after watching the horror show is ‘Re, Kaun Si Movie Thi Yeh’ (Like the villain keeps saying, Re kaun tha, Pata karo 2 saal pehle humne kis kis ko thoka tha! – Arre Yaar, if not anyone else, tumne mujhe toh thok hi diya!)   

Coming to Chandni Chowk to China, do let me know if there is any option like giving a movie -5 stars! I was glad this movie bombed. After the stupidity shown by Akshay Kumar in Welcome, Singh is King blah blah, finally our rising star crashed to some hard hitting reality. He has always been an average actor but dude, how far can you push your luck? The story of the movie is totally crappy. Did they really think, we would accept whatever nonsense they dish out? Acting is pathetic, scenes totally unrealistic and dialogoues… crude as it can get! Throughout the entire length of the movie, you will come across dialogues like ‘Mere ande pe kyu maar rahe ho? Bache ki jaan loge kya? Mere pichwaade ko apni dukaan samajh ke kyu thok raha hai?’ and yes, we are supposed to laugh on these creative dialogues! These movies literally come in my dreams and scare me to death. No pun intended!

Welcome to new age bollywood where we have learnt to copy scenes, blindly follow action stunts, show unrealistic perspective and no original creativity! I am so glad small budget movies have come to the forefront with no mega budget and superstars! They are the only respite we have! Long live bollywood! To finish with, isn’t it ironical the term ‘bollywood’ itself is copied/mimicked from Hollywood so the how the hell we could even think of having originality under its plagiarized shadow?!

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One Response to “Two Movies I Am Scared Of”

  1. Pankti said

    first a fall, a well written article,
    have seen ghajini and not the other one and the interesting bit is here: I too posed the same arguments to my friends that couldnt the girl recognize the top honcho of a telecom company? And here is what the representatives of the youth of the country had to say: ” arrey yaar! yeh hindi picture hai…stop using your brain all the time yeh sab movies mein dimmag ko side mein rakh do. Bas,khali gaane sun aur tp kar yaa!!” I agree that in movies you have a willing suspension of disbelief but to this extent! ….

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