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Are Men Becoming Redundant?

Posted by Mrityunjay on July 24, 2009

stress_ball_cAre men redundant? Yes, that’s the noise being created by media people all across the world. The reason being; now it’s possible to create human sperms with the help of stem cells! Being a male, I feel slightly agitated. How could you even imagine a world without men? Men are not just for sexual escapades. They are necessity. The world has always remained divided about equality between two sexes. One accusation against men is that they have failed to evolve with time whereas women have managed to come across half way and improve their stature. This hype is propagated by so called female empowerment brigade.

Now, my question is whether men are deemed suitable for sex only? According to conventional wisdom, the main purpose of sex is procreation and any pleasure derived from the act is purely incidental. Is that so? Okay, let me take this bull by his horns.

Suppose an average couple is married for 30 years and has two kids. A normal couple has sex twice a week (notwithstanding high libido exhibited by people in Greece or France). On that account a couple has sex 104 times per year and approximately 3100 times in their entire married life. So out of this huge number, they managed to produce two kids while rest of the times, all they thought about is how not to allow that nasty sperm to raise its head. So, two successful attempts by the sperm and some failed attempts and rest of the times it’s all about sheer pleasure. Seeing from that perspective does this hype and hoopla about ‘men needed for procreation only’ really counts?

Coming to the other side of the argument, scientists failed to create any sperm from female stem cells. Then, it makes imperative for men to exist. I assume, in future, these brainy scientists will be able to make sperm from female stem cells then also one needs Y chromosome to have sons. Even if men are termed redundant in future, females will be able to produce daughters only! Even if you are a hard core feminist you would not feel very comfortable with a world full of daughters and total absence of sons!  

May be, women are again going to become dominant species and we will once again be faced with matriarchal society but can women themselves imagine life without males? It would be damn boring ladies. Think of it! For one, you will be devoid of pure pleasure of sex. Secondly, what about other pleasures you get out of the poor men? Where will you find sometimes pseudo, some other times genuine intellect, soothing words, comfort of his hug, his humor or absence of it, conversational skills, his eccentricities and his constant refusal to evolve? The most important thing females are going to miss is the constant battle between two sexes along with men’s eternal fascination for women! I agree, men and women are not on same wavelength when it comes to sex. For a female a male is much more than a sexual object whereas for a man I cannot claim the same. But that’s where fun is when you know he is trying his best to woo you! Indeed, Life would be pretty colorless without men! despite the anti-testosterone movement, lets keep men anyways!

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2 Responses to “Are Men Becoming Redundant?”

  1. Nazo said

    Life would be pretty colorless without men! (hahahahhhah!thanks for confessing ur sexual orientation my love:P)

    ok now the interesting part! I loved the way you reacted to the whole drama.Atleast this gives men some food of thought about how do those “notorious” femenists evolved anyhow! But maybe the times are changing..We will have to coin another word..”Men-nist”????! Lol! I know you men are far creative to coin dictionaries for yourselves.

    Men as sexual beings??? HMM! i wonder which women claim that they can survive without men, unless they are of a variant orientation. For sure, men have many roles to play other than having sex and procreating.But I imagine what would describe being a man in their manly-terminology, if all those sex escapades were not a part of them:D

    Lastly, although I agree with all your points, you misjudged the way women take you. If all these years effort was put into making a sperm and not an egg, eventually who is being favored in this whole ego-war. Ever heard stories of guys being married and remarried again n again, coz their mums couldnt stand it, if their daughter-in-laws didnt produce an Y chromosome being?

  2. Amal said

    something to think about. especially your calculation as to how many times couples have sex 🙂

    are men redundant ? well, the answer is no. but don’t forget where this statement is coming from. women have, in almost all cultures been suppressed in one form of the other, by men.
    so, let’s try to build bridges between the warring sexes instead of antagonizing the other. women, men, are two sides of the same coin.

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