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Innerwear Revolution

Posted by Mrityunjay on June 25, 2009

upen-provogue-underwearRecently, I was roaming around in a mall and in a moment of curiosity looked at undergarment section of an international menswear brand. From the surface, there seemed nothing new but give it a second thought and you will find how conscious Indian men have become as far as underwear part is concerned. The transformation has occurred across all the age group. Till few years back, it was hard to see a reputed undergarment brand setting shop in too many parts of India. Indian men were never known to be fussy about undergarments. But in a span of few years, things have drastically changed.

Go back to 2003 or 04. The popular brands during that period were basically Rupa or Roopa?(The name Rupa reminds me of few crude jokes!), Dora, Lux blah blah. But thanks to ‘Salaam Namastey’ phenomenon where Saif Ali Khan so famously flashed Tommy Hilfiger boxers, Indian youths have also become more aware of sex appeal of branded undergarments. Now, ask any urban youth and he will tell you difference between micro fibred boxers and tech cool briefs that combat moisture. Movie stars like John Abraham and Ranbir Kapoor also contributed their bit in making derriere a new object of sex appeal. In any case, a man is more loyal to his underwear than any other piece of clothing. Underwear is one piece of clothing that is closest to any man’s skin so naturally wearing a leopard printed boxers or well fitted thongs feels nice.

The coy ‘chaddis’ have given way to psychedelic briefs and Mickey Mouse boxers to daring thongs. Materials also have found new symbols in Lycra, micro fiber and pima cotton. It’s cool to flaunt the underwear waistbands from the jeans. Blame this new phenomenon to increased purchasing power and over exposure to fashion. VIP and Lux please give way to Tommy, Jockey, Calvin Klein and Paul Smith. ‘Andar ki Baat’ has totally turned into ‘Baahar ka Dikhawa’! Rumors are rife that soon enough fragrant, fluorescent, air-pocketed to even techie type innerwear will be available.   

A recent survey says, 45 percent of Indian men would love to try G-strings. That’s makes it official then. Dripping hemlines has become the new mainstream. This new revolution is more like revelation. However, there is one naughty side of this as well. For ages, men have drooled over women in lingerie. Now it’s women’s turn to lust over a men’s pink brief! Ladies, you can stop salivating now!   

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4 Responses to “Innerwear Revolution”

  1. Pankti said

    hahaha…nice article..and quite true as well!~ the overall indian semi urban and urban population including the women as well has become conscious about their inner wear. This is mainly because of the strap and the brand show that has become so hackneyed these days!

  2. Gucci said

    nice article.. very informative. people need to know.

  3. Looney Bins said

    ROFL@g-strings for men! Well thank God, Indian men are more conscious about their bhara ka dikhawa these days, after all us ladies need to be entertained as well ;)! I still remember my grandpas big kacchas with the long naara, ha ha! Yaad hai logo??

  4. Nazo said

    lol lol lol! you are a rising star here. how wonderfully you reviewed a mere trend in india with knack of great humor. i am all smiles since i started reading it. loved it..completely!

    and it also explained abt ur personal ‘chaddi’ inspirations:P

    i dont think i have ever said it before, but i felt so strongly today that i am reading something from a professional journalist. all i can say is i cant wait to read more;)


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