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Bad Girls Finish First

Posted by Mrityunjay on June 20, 2009

bad-girls-2 (1)So Archie proposed to Veronica after 68 years of dithering! What happens to Betty now? The miss goody-two-shoe is left stranded with her tears and amazement at Archie’s misjudgment. Does this give you a signal? Yes, it does! The circle has completed and notion of romance has taken a beating in an altogether different context. It’s high time we accept reigning power of Veronicas’ over Bettys! That also indicates good girls tend to finish last in modern day world. Am I giving too much importance to a comic character? I don’t think so.

The change was visible since last few years. Men no longer crave for ‘sweetie-pies’. Every guy worth his salt prefers to have a glamorous and aggressive gal by his side. Of course, men from hinterland will tend to differ but I am talking from a strictly urban male mindset’s view and from the experience gathered over the years. New age guys prefer so called bad girls because it culminates in his ego fulfillment. Just like bad boys, bad girls are more fascinating and tough to get. Any guy who gets a girl without any sort of struggle loses the potential achievement of conquering a seemingly tough task. The era of submissive plain Jane is long gone. The trend has reversed so dramatically.

Men love to have a girl who lives by her own rules and is fiercely independent. The point is a guy would love to get a girl he wants and not the one the whole world thinks he should end up with. The notion of having a girl who is boring and predictive is far from exciting. Bad girl symbolizes someone who can drive a guy crazy, who can make his head go in a spin. Girls who moons for a male are no more appealing.  

The mindset has changed largely due to the fact that men have started to become more comfortable with their wild thoughts. The need of conforming to family pressure and traditional domesticity no longer holds the same weightage. The change has occurred because we have started to live in a nuclear set up. The sheer fact that, a seemingly bad girl will bring more excitement in his physical, mental and emotional life is extremely tempting.  New age Veronicas represent newly found self consciousness amongst females and an adventurous streak. Probably, she would much rather prefer a bungee jumping as the wedding gift instead of 3 days 4 nights stay at Shimla.

The texture of society has also changed to a certain extent. Female sexuality was never this confident. Androgynous society is what we are fast turning into. Men would love to have a Veronica who is in control of her emotions and subsequently her destiny instead of relying on men for every trifle issue of her life. Check out recent movies. Do you remember the way ‘Paro’ carried a mattress for her sexual escapade in Dev D? Or females no longer giving sex that sacred importance as was shown in ‘Life in a metro’? Even a Priyanka Chopra prefers to sleep with a married man to fulfill her career ambition in ‘Fashion’! We would love to have more tempestuous, chic and stimulating Veronicas in our backyards in exchange of a docile and sacrificial push over Bettys. Who is not going to fall for a female who adds competitive excitement to a relationship and adds some zing to your life? Finally, there is no such thing as black and white today as far as girls are concerned. Bring on the Grey female characters! Your time has just started!

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2 Responses to “Bad Girls Finish First”

  1. Mabel said

    This sure adds to my thoughts on Why Charlie preferred Carrie over Fiona (Four weddings n a Funeral), leave apart the love factor 😛

  2. Amal said

    Striking title ! Although Betty and Veronica might not be suseptible to such generalization. It’s true that bad is more exciting than good. But, in the real world, people try to marry someone good. Bad may be tantalizing, but it does not work in every day existence. I have seen quite a few guys who had ‘exciting’ girlfriends, but end up marrying ‘good’ girls.

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